Finally, you’ve resorted to hiring a professional to get those air ducts cleaned. In your mind, you are absolutely confident the duct cleaning company will do a remarkable job, just like they had promised. After all, they will use a revolutionary vacuum-like technique to get rid of all the dirt, mold, and debris.

Choosing a professional air duct cleaner is a smart, beneficial decision, not just because of the sheer quality of work, but also since it is a budget-friendly alternative. One of the reasons to go for this alternative is that you will not get ripped off – you’ll be hiring a licensed duct cleaning crew.

Guess you opted for the right air duct and dryer vent cleaning company

Across the US and probably over the world, professional air duct cleaning is a booming business today. In Salt Lake City, getting someone offering this commercial cleaning services is as easy as meeting someone on the street. They are incredibly abundant, and all ostensibly have the tools, skills, and expertise to turn filthy, dust-filled duct into a neat and dust-free channel.

And so, while checking whether whoever you hired was the right fit for the job, you probably asked them a couple of questions. You ought to know what process they would employ to ensure that the trunk all the way to the furnace gets cleaned. You asked how much time they needed and, of course, the cost of the whole job.

They answered each question diligently, even recommending that you look them up on Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook, and Google. Out of all your concerns, however, you bizarrely forgot to seek the exact kind of services you will be paying for. And by ignoring that all-important question, you might have made a huge mistake!

Services to expect – did you inquire?

It is highly important that you have an idea of what they will handle so that you don’t end up with a ‘job half done.’ Ideally, the air duct cleaning should leave the channel looking clean and without even single debris. And that means the main aspects of the cleaning to pay attention to are:

  1. General air duct cleaning services

Your National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) certified contractor already knows this; that you expect them to carefully and expertly get rid of all forms of dirt and debris in the duct. And they’ll do all it takes, including using special vacuum machines and even sending the team to climb in there and pull down all the dirt accumulating.

However, there’s one admirable trait, often done by those who are passionate about professional duct cleaning. If it’s a contractor who values you, the client, no work will start until they determine how dirty the duct is. Basically, they will want to know how much pollen, dust or molds have accumulated in there as well as if it will not carve in when it’s being cleaned.

Along with the thorough cleaning of the whole structure, there’s a need to ensure that there’s healthy indoor air quality. Therefore, if you had contracted them to clean the whole HVAC system, the team must certainly get the whole of it scrubbed.

Everything, right from the handler, grilles, registers, fans as well as the motor and the coils, will have to be duly cleaned. This is because when dirt starts accumulating on the vital parts of the system, its efficiency is eventually reduced. Remember, the overall level of energy efficiency your home heavily depends upon the AC system and any little dirt can severely hamper that.

  1. Custom air purification shouldn’t be the only focus

Why are you are getting the duct and the AC system cleaned?

Well, it’s because you want to enjoy a healthy indoor air quality. The contractor’s cleaning personnel will do all it takes, including using a vacuum-like method or sending part of the team inside – if the duct is large enough. Primarily, all the work done should be to remove all the dirt stuck on the inside of the duct.

But just because it’s a team comprising professional cleaners doesn’t mean they are at will to use chemical substances as well. Apparently, unlike using vacuum-like methods to get rid of mold and debris, using antimicrobial substances aren’t recommended. These chemicals can last long after the process ends and even contaminate the air seeping in.

They can only be used if, after conducting a thorough pre-cleaning assessment, the team deduces that there are fungi growing inside. And even when they are used, the best ones are those approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and not any other off-the-street brand.

  1. Cleaning the duct to counter the risk of fire

As it turns out, cleaning isn’t because the house will get a breeze of fresh air alone. If the air duct extends down to the kitchen of a large restaurant, for example, it’s highly likely that must of the dirt inside are soot and smoke particles. And with all that, plus improperly setting up safety measures in place, the house could easily catch fire.

In fact, for those engaged in the food business in some specific regions today, the authorities have to assess the ventilation hoods extending from their kitchens. They check all the ducts emanating from above the oven, stoves, and grills, to ensure they don’t collect any soot.

The reason for this is quite unbelievable. Well, there have been a couple of cases where an insurance company refuses to issue compensation after determining that the duct hadn’t been cleaned. This, they usually tell, when the client doesn’t produce any detailed records of when the duct cleaning was last done, popularly called MSDs.

A List of Services to Expect, According to the EPA

Even though there’s no specific air duct maintenance timeline, the EPA recommends hiring a cleaner once the duct starts to exhibit signs. And this agency even comes up with a bevy of expectations that the duct cleaner must address.

They should, not only clean it until all the dust, mold or debris is gone, but also:

But why hire a Professional in Air Duct Cleaning

It is perfectly acceptable to go the DIY way and remove all the dirt lining up the inside of the air duct, especially if the job isn’t huge. But, going by the risks you will be getting exposed to, especially when you don’t have the right gear, you better leave it to someone skilled in it.

Some of the reasons to let a certified air duct cleaning firm work on it are:

Duct cleaners are a huge convenience in a job that would have otherwise made the house feel inhospitable to live in again. In fact, with the training and experience duct cleaners boast, plus their gear, they are better placed to do a thorough job. And they will get rid of the dirt that accumulates on the duct with time, and effectually remove the smell and the risk of getting diagnosed with Asthma or any respiratory disease.

Additionally, the company’s trained crews have the requisite skills and expertise required to get in or do all that it takes and ensures all the dust is removed. They also have the right duct cleaning tools required to flush out any rodents residing inside. And they do the job professionally, taking the least time and doing an incredible amount of time.

You’ve got nothing to lose and probably everything to gain when you go for a company that has everything required to do a beautiful job. It gets safer when your choice of cleaner has the right experience to work in both commercial and residential premises. In the end, the premise will not only feel and smell fresh but also be energy efficient. Your home will not smell bad when the AC is working and the system itself will work well for longer.

Home maintenance services are traditionally expensive. However, you shouldn’t pay the high price for an air duct when installing it and still fork out a lot more when paying someone to clean it. Professional cleaners, particularly those whose pricing is transparent, are usually the best fit since the quote you are issued with isn’t subject to any surprise changes.