Nowadays in the digital era, we have so many variety of choices because products & services are more available. We are looking for a new sink, we can look up it up online, find the nearest store or have it delivered. We might need a gardener to maintain your flower garden, as usual, we look it up online. With so many options sometimes picking a company for the service you are searching for will be difficult. Should I pick the first company I see? Should I pick the one with the highest review? The cheapest? The big company with no personal customer service or the small local company? Choices and so many choices, nobody got time for that.

We know how valuable time is and we wanted to give you a quick guide that can help you choose the best air duct cleaning company for you.



We understand that each person has their budget and doing an air duct cleaning it might be a little bit more than expected. But please be aware of cheap prices, ANYTHING UNDER $199 (COUPON DEALS such as $49, $79, $129 & $149) usually come from scamming companies who only want to put a foot in your door for a BAIT & SWITCH. Another tip to remember is ask if the price includes the cleaning of the whole system (Supply ducts, main trunk, cold air returns & furnace)  or if there are additional fees, like transportation, furnace cleaning or service fee.


Reviews & Online Reputation

It is important to look up the company in at least a couple of review sites, just to assure that this company is legitimate. A real business will be present in several review sites such as Angie’s List, Google, Yelp, Porch, among others. Read a couple of their reviews and check their rating. Don’t trust all the reviews on their website, mainly because they will post the best reviews to seem good.



In general, most reputable air duct cleaning companies follow the following procedure: Hooking up the PowerVac/Mount-Truck to your Furnace which it will create suction, they should go into every single vent with Agitation Tools (whip) or Brushing and Air pressure to clean each individual duct that leads to the main truck, clean the main trunk, the returns and later the furnace.



Always ask how much time your air duct cleaning will take, usually a complete air duct cleaning will take more than 2.5 hours, we estimate that a small home up 2,000 sq ft will take this time because there is the setting up, cleaning the HVAC system and wrapping up.


Licensing & Insurance

In the State of Washington, it is not required to have a contractor’s or HVAC contractor’s licensing to do Air Duct Cleaning, for which it is more easier for scammers. However, it is required to have a Business License and recommended to have Liability Insurance in case something happens to your home. So when you call ask or see if they state it on their website.


Customer Service

Lastly the customer service, which is the first impression of the company. There a lot of companies out there with good customer service, but usually you will get the feel in the first call. Were they responsive? Were your questions answered? Were they knowledgeable? Did they act pushy? A good company will train all their staff to make your satisfaction their priority and treat you more than good so they can leave you with their best impression. A phone call make an impression of what type of service you will be receiving.

There are many more items to ask for, but we believe with these essentials ones you will get the sense if the air duct cleaning company is good fit for you. We pride ourselves on being honest and upfront and we love when our customers ask us these questions, because we understand their concerns and we want to make them happier by providing them a superb air duct cleaning, great service and a healthier home.


So give us a call today at (206) 482-7605, and we will answer any inquiries you have regarding to air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning!