As an air duct cleaning company, we get a lot of phone calls every day, asking for an air duct cleaning estimate. Many ask for the price on a 2000-sqaure-foot house, and others inquire about townhouses or even mobile homes less than 1000 square feet.

Today in the morning, we received a call from a woman and we sensed that she was concerned about the price, obviously because it was her first and only question. Now, we usually educate our leads how we do an air duct cleaning, nevertheless this lady sounded very much in a hurry. So, we proceeded to ask her how much was the square footage of her home, she mentioned 1700 sq. ft. We gave her our estimate, and her immediate response was, “Wow you are by far the most expensive I have called, thank you” and she quickly hung up.

We absolutely respect her decision, and she is entitled to choose whichever company is more convenient to her budget. We understand your concerns as a customer and a homeowner, but, most importantly, we want to give you tips to hire the best out there for your wallet.

As a customer acquiring an air duct cleaning estimate, you should have many questions, not only the price. While we can post how we do the air duct cleaning, this time we want your best interest, hiring a good business not only for air duct cleaning, but also you can adapt this to other home improvement services.

The following questions should be inquired when you hire a professional air duct cleaner:


#1: What is your process for air duct cleaning?

The answer should be along the lines of hooking up the PowerVac/Mount-Truck to your Furnace which it will create suction, they should go into every single vent with Agitation Tools (whip) or Brushing and Air pressure to clean each individual duct that leads to the main truck, clean the main trunk, the returns and later the furnace.


#2: Do you clean my furnace?

Now some company say it is an additional fee, but professionally we believe you can’t clean a system half way, ducts are connected to the furnace for which you should get the furnace cleaned as well.


#3: How much time will it take?

SCAM ALERT: If they mention less than 90 minutes, something is not right. Even if your house is small, cleaning the whole system takes time—for setting up, cleaning, and wrapping up, we take about three hours for a small home.

Questions to Ask for an Air Duct Cleaning Estimate
Always read online reviews!


#4: Do you have online reviews?

They should say yes and tell you where to find them. If the company name does not appear online, this is a big RED FLAG. However, if the company has online reviews and are present in several directories, it means the company is building a reputation. Look them up on Angie’s List, Yelp, Google, Facebook, and other listings—and read the reviews! Check out reviews for Air+ NW here.


#5: How much will it cost?

The last question to ask is about price. And know that it can range to house size or vent numbers. But for homes up to 2,000 square feet, we know that it should not be less than $300. Please be aware if it less because most likely you will be getting a salesman and not a technician, be careful of getting scammed for Bait & Switch Deals from $49 to $199.

There are many more questions, but we believe with these essentials ones you will get the sense if the company/contractor is good for you. We pride ourselves on being honest and upfront and we love when our customers ask us these questions, because we understand their concerns and we want to make them happier by providing them a superb air duct cleaning, great service and a healthier home.

So give us a call today at (206) 482-7605, and we will answer any inquiries you have regarding to air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning!