Have you heard the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? This phrase was started in the mid-1800s, and has lasted until now—because it is true. If you eat healthy most likely you will be healthy. Now, dryers don’t eat healthy BUT YOU can keep them in the best condition. With years of experience of duct cleaning, we have found one of the biggest issues related to dryers is that their owners do not get a regular dryer vent cleaning. This not only can cause you a raise in your electrical bill due to double or triple cycles to dry up your clothes, but also it can harm the condition of the dryer itself.

Last month, we had a customer named Laura, who had issues with her dryer, she called a big name company to do her dryer maintenance, the technician told her it that the dryer needed to be repaired. Later, that same company send over a repairman and he did not find an issue, he told her she probably needed a new dryer because it was old. She went and bought a new dryer. But it still wouldn’t work. She called again the repairman and he recommended her to do a dryer vent cleaning. When Laura gave us a call and told us her story, we knew she needed a dryer vent cleaning.

Avoid Costly Repairs with Routine Dryer Vent Cleaning
New appliances are beautiful but also costly. Routine maintenance will help your dryer last longer.

Our techs went and found out that her dryer vent was not only clogged but also flooded. She told the techs that her house’s crawl space flooded last winter and did not think that her dryer duct would be affected. So our technicians went down to the crawlspace, disconnected her dryer vent and replaced with a new one. Tested the dryer and it worked. Now Laura can finally dry her clothes, she had been going to a Laundromat for almost two weeks.

When we hear stories that our customers buy new dryers because the previous one wasn’t starting or the repairmen recommended it, we know most likely that it just needed a regular dryer vent cleaning to keep it in the best condition. As we change the oil in our cars, we must maintain our dryers and ducts clean. Maintenance is not only for our appliances to last more, but also to save energy and avoid fire hazards when it comes to dryers.

We recommend if you constantly drying clothes every week, to do a YEARLY Dryer Vent Cleaning. It is important that we take care of home, especially where is preventable. So why waste your time for your home’s safety? Air+ NW offers the highest quality of Dryer Vent Cleaning. See more on our pricing page or get straight to scheduling an appointment.