It’s important to know what to expect with air duct cleaning because there are several steps that need to be taken to do the job the RIGHT way. According to the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA), they mentioned the importance of doing a full cleaning for the HVAC System. If the system is not fully cleaned out, it will be recontaminated and thus will be losing the advantages of a clean duct system (cleaner air and energy efficiency). Why? well remember that all the air circulates throughout the whole system, not partially.

It seems that it is not a lot, but it is important that when you hire an Air Duct Cleaning Service you get a full service. But, as we mention before, not all companies are created equal and we want to describe the levels of Air Duct Cleaning so you can fully understand what you will get when you hire certain companies:

First Tier: Air Pressure

Have you seen those specials from $49 to $149 for Air Duct Cleaning? Well, here they are again. When they offer you duct cleaning for the low price or special offer for unlimited ducts, what they are really selling you is only the first level. They will connect your system to a Negative Pressure machine to suck β€œall” the dust and debris in your system, and will go with a small shop vac in the registers to appear that they did a good job. This is the BLOW and GO (Remember, they will upsale you for a more deeper cleaning). Let’s do a small example, let say this is like just doing a water mouth wash, did you get your teeth cleaned? Hmm, not likely.

Second Tier: Brushing and Air Pressure

What to Expect with Air Duct Cleaning
When it comes to your family and home, don’t you want to work with the very best?

The second level is a step forward, many companies will use brushing tools to help the dust and debris inside your ducts to be removed, while the negative pressure vacuum is connected. This method is good, we would rate it as a three star service, the job is done and yes, you will get cleaner ducts, but it will be like a light cleaning. Here is the thing, they don’t count with top notch tools to do the job thoroughly. Let’s go back to our example, this is like brushing your teeth, but if you did not make a good effort at brushing, you might still have something between your teeth.

Third Tier: Power Brushing, Air Compressor, Agitation, and Air Pressure

Yep, this is the most effective level of Air Duct Cleaning. It is the Highest level of cleaning, not only it includes the Negative Pressure of a PowerVac connected to your system, but as well every component of the HVAC system will be clean thoroughly by using power brushing, forward air compressor cleaning and agitation tools. These are very powerful techniques of removal to give a REAL CLEANING to your ducts. This is the complete cleaning, it is like flossing, brushing your teeth with electric toothbrush that will help lift off residue and mouth washing, makes you feel so refreshed, huh.

So why waste your time looking for a first or second level of air duct cleaning service? Air+ NW offers the third tier of Air Duct Cleaning in all of our packages. See more on our pricing page or get straight to scheduling an appointment.

Breathe clean air today because you deserve a healthier home!