Well, you might heard the word “sanitization,” especially in the medical field, since it is used to kill germs and bacteria by sterilizing tools and spaces. There are other fields where sanitization is used, like the food industry, the home improvement field, carpet cleaning, and duct cleaning.

Sanitization can be chemical and non-chemical. We live in a world full of germs and bacteria exposure and yes for sure, you want to minimize them by any means, so you buy anti-bacterial soap or wipes to clean up spaces and tools. The problem is that most of these products contain chemicals, and yes they do the job but, they expose you and your loved ones to toxins. Also, these chemicals release strong smells that are not healthy to breathe.

Now, IMAGINE that there are new chemical FREE sanitization methods to kill germs and bacteria. We know what you are thinking, how is it possible? What kind of magic liquid is this? Well for your information IT EXISTS! Can you believe it? There are many companies across the food industry that are using this magic water to wash and sanitize produce or containers. Although, this technique started in the mid 1980’s to kill bacteria in the fishing industry in Japan, later on, produce companies started to use this method because it is Chemical FREE and it does not change the taste, odor, or texture of the produce.

Sanitization and Air Duct Cleaning
We sanitize our hands; why wouldn’t we sanitize the air going into our lungs every day?

The real name of this Magic water is electrolyzed water, it is user-friendly. What is incredible of this ZERO CHEMICAL liquid, is that it is EFFECTIVE, it replaces all those toxic ingredients and chemicals that are harmful to use and breathe, and even better, it kills bacteria, germs and mold. It was reported in a study realized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture that this electrolyzed water is “shockingly powerful”. This magic water is safe to be consumption and harmless to people’s skin and lungs. So after finding out about this water: we at Air+ NW wanted to include it in our services, because we care about people’s health and the environment!

One of our customers called saying that she had allergy symptoms for more than three months after she moved into a new home and started to be sick. (She even threatened to leave her husband if the air duct cleaning did not improve her health). Now any air duct cleaning company can clean your ducts, but very few companies can sanitize without chemicals. So we suggested our Air Plus Cleaning Package, it includes Sanitization by Mist Treatment (Magic Water). We sprayed a fine mist after removing the dust and debris (even a couple of dead mice) from the ducts to help to kill bacteria, germs and improve the quality of the air at her home. We called two weeks later and voila, she is doing great, she said her allergy symptoms are gone and that her health was improved and her husband is happy that she is staying in their new home.

So why you should get Sanitization by Mist Treatment with your Duct Cleaning?

Let’s say that you sweep your floor, it will be cleaned up pretty well. Now, Imagine the Mist Treatment is like the mopping, you will definitely will get a cleaner floor, right? This is what a Sanitization does, it moves a step closer to cleaner ducts by killing bacteria and germs caused by dust, mold, dead rodents, food particles and other debris trapped inside your ducts. By this means, improves your indoor air quality, you breathe cleaner air.

So why waste your time looking for regular air duct cleaning service? When Air Plus NW offers you a Air Duct Cleaning package with Sanitization with ZERO Chemicals (The Air Plus Package). Learn more on our pricing page and then schedule an appointment.

Breathe clean air today because you deserve a healthier home!


Richard Lehnert | August 3rd, 2015 | August 2015 Issue, Food safety, Jared Johnson, Research, Richard Lehnert, Technology and equipment, Water