When it comes to air duct cleaning, the cost varies greatly, and many customers ask, “What should I expect to pay for air duct cleaning?” There are many answers to this one—why? Well, because it depends on what you are willing to pay, there is a vast price range. The reason: Unfortunately, when it comes to cleaning air ducts, not all companies are created equal.

The Cost of Air Duct Cleaning by Air+ NW
Home Advisor showcases the variance in cost of air duct cleaning.

To help with your decision-making, here’s the 4-1-1 on air duct cleaning services:

Coupon Deals ($49, $59, $89, $99, $149)

Who doesn’t like a great deal? We all do! We know that the economy has us tight on the budget, but do you really think you will get a great service for this price. These companies will never say that the final price is way more than advertised, that is why they are called the BAIT & SWITCH companies. They utilize their advertising to catch you (Bait) and later tell you that it is MORE (Switch). Wait, what? Yes! It is up-sale. Not to be picky but most of them count with inferior equipment.

Pay Per Vent

Yep, you gotta count those vents and later count your fingers, losing count already! We do understand these companies do great work, but really you don’t remember to the tip of you mind all the vents of your home. They sometimes charge the base price, number of vents, add the furnace, the change of filter, all of it is A LA CARTE, cool, huh? Now, even if you have a small home where you can access everything or you have big house, well it will ADD UP for sure. You are not sure what will you pay until you see your final invoice, like a Mystery number to you and your bank account, yikes!

Cream of the Crop

Here it comes, the Specialists, yes, these are the rock stars of air duct cleaning world. They provide you upfront and honest pricing. Don’t you love it when you know how much you are gonna spend? Surprises, unlikely! These companies give a superior service and quality air duct cleaning, they pry on their service and want your home to have cleaner air.

So why waste your time looking for air duct cleaning services? Air+ NW offers honest pricing on a variety of Air Duct Cleaning Packages that suit your needs and budget. See more on our pricing page or get straight to scheduling an appointment.

Breathe clean air today because you deserve a healthier home!