Air+ NW Professional Air Purifying within 50 Miles of Seattle

Air Purifier Installation Company in Utah

Over time, dust, mold, and other contaminants can accumulate in the very things responsible for supplying us with hot and cold air in our homes and places of work: the air ducts. This indoor air pollution can cause allergies and actually harm your health.

This is where Airplus Utah comes in—literally. With our vacuums, brushes, and other professional equipment, we scrub the inside of the air conditioning ducts and HVAC coils, including supply and return air ducts, heat exchangers, and evaporator coils. It’s all part of our air duct cleaning process.

However, we know that this solution is just temporary. And that’s why we created our Air+ Smart Package, a professional air purifier and maintenance plan.

The Air+ Smart Package

Starting at just $1,699, the Air+ Smart Package ensures that your ducts stay clean in the future, thanks to an UltraViolet Germicidal Light Air Purifier that we install. This amazing device attaches to your home’s central ventilation system and continually cleans the air as the air is circulating.

Additionally, as part of this package, we visit your home every year for 5 years to service the device, replace the Air Purifier UV bulb, change your filter, clean the dryer vent, and apply a safe and highly effective chemical-free compound treatment to your duct system to keep it clean.

With this service, you will immediately notice an improvement in air quality and—for those in your household who are sufferers—a reduction in allergy, asthma, or sinus symptoms.

This package more than pays for itself in the energy savings it produces! Plus, having a clean air duct system will allow your heating/cooling system to function optimally, resulting in fewer service calls and expensive repairs.

Air+ NW Professional Air Purifying within 50 Miles of Seattle